Finders Keepers USA
Check back for more information and pictures of this treasure hunt as this page will be under construction for the next few days.

For a complete description on our theory and belief about the Knights Templars and their Treasure, please see our other page Oak Island / Knights Templar Treasure / Kensington Rune Stone.  After we conducted that research (including our first trip to Nova Scotia) we came across Joan Hopes work.  Back in 2010 is when we started to believe that Oak Island, the Knights Templar and the Kensington Rune stone were all connected.  The quest was to find out how.

In Loving Memory of Joan Hope
October 4, 1916 - July 9, 2007
Joan Hope is the person that found the castle in New Ross NS. She spent years working at the site trying to prove to the world what she found and no one would look at her work. During our search for the Templar Treasure we came across her web site.

Please check out her web site below.

Special thanks to Lisa from the Library of Hope who helped us with Joans work and to Scott Wolter and the entire Committee Films crew for everything.