Finders Keepers USA
Finders Keepers will be working at this site with one of Mel Fishers Bestfriends.

Finders Keepers has located and recovered wagon parts (believed) to be from the 1812 era.  The parts have been sent out to Lancaster to be officially dated.  If dated to be from 1812 then we may have located all 5 of Blackbeards wagons.

The Blackbeard or Parker Treasure is a great tale of 7 1/2 tons of silver buried in McKean County, PA.  Finders Keepers has spent a great deal of time on research on this treasure story before we even started looking for it.

Our findings will show that the silver was taken from both sites many years ago. We believe Parkers wife told the truth when she said she thought her husband was a pirate.  She said when he needed money he would take off for long periods of time and return with plenty of money. We believe he found the silver and took it out of state to sell it.

We have taken the same route that Blackbeard did and found both sides where we believe he buried the silver. Both sites are in Emporium PA.  This summer we plan to give all the information we have to the Emporium Historical Society.  It will be up to them on what to do with it.  We dont know if the landowners of either site will want their names or locations to be given.  We will post what we found and it will be up to you (the reader) to decide what happened.

If you would like to read where we got some of our information that helped us with our discoverys then click on the link below.