Finders Keepers USA
We call this site The Frontenac Site and it is located in the
Coudersport Pa. area.  The story of this great treasure is located at
the bottom of this page.

We have located a site that fits the info in the story, and we found
artifacts that could be from the time period. We have also located a
large rock as big as a house (like in the story) with a 5 foot cross
carved into it. We located 7 fire pits used to light up the site at night
time to keep the Seneca Indians away and the French solders could
work all night. From what we found they did a great deal of work at
the site.  The Jesuit priests carved the large rock while some
solders kept the fires going while others laid out a 20 foot cross
made of stones on the ground and the rest dug a large hole for the
treasure.  The large stone with the cross was a landmark to show
the treasure area, but it was the 20 foot stone cross on the ground
that shows the location of the treasure and cargo. The treasure is
buried at the base of the 20 foot cross.
We believe that the gold coins are from the fur trading business that belonged to Louis Frontenac and Robert Cavelier. Frontenac came to the New World to make his fortune in the fur trade and return to France to pay all of his debts. Frontenac was sent back to France for a while and could not get to his money, and Cavelier died in 1687 at one of the outpost. When Frontenac returned to the New World in 1692 we believe the first thing he does is to send some solders out to get his gold.  At the time the treasure was lost Frontenac was sick and could not travel to find his gold and when he died he was broke.

From what we see the gold coins (up to 15,000 of them) and the cargo could still be there. We see no sign that anyone has dug it up. We found artifacts from the camp site and we hope to have them carbon dated this year.

This is one of seven sites that we have located in the past 3 years and we have not dug at any of them until the paper work is done for all of the sites. We do a great deal of research at each site and we get all the info we can without breaking any laws.  The last thing we want is to find something of value and then lose any chance of reward because we did not go by the laws of the state. We plan to dig at this site this summer 2009.