Finders Keepers USA
The Beale Treasure, A story told of a great treasure buried in Bedford Co. VA.  This treasure story has mystified many over the years as to if it is true or false.  Many treasure hunters have come to Bedford County to seek the fortune, only to find themselves spending a fortune.

Finders Keepers is one of those treasure hunters that came to this county looking for answers.  Only to find out that the treasure is possibly gone and the only thing buried here is the truth.  We have uncovered many facts that show the possibility of a cover up by the locals to keep tourism coming.

We have finished the Beale Codes and we hope to have a disc made that will explain what we found out. There is too much paper work involved to list on our web site and it would be easier for me to explain each section on CD.

I will show what message is in the codes. There is no easy directions to a treasure in the codes NOW. Beale had a code book and I will show you how it was laid out and how it worked. I know why the numbers on the DOI (Declaration of Independence) are off and why. The # 1and  # 3 codes are done different than # 2. The codes # 1 and # 3 are a JOKE.

The story is true but the paper work is done by two different people from two different dates in history.  Someone redid and rewrote the story so it could sell and this is the person that messed everything up. The story could be true but there is nothing left to help locate the vault.

The Historical Society in Bedford has info in its files that iswrong and misleading to send hunters in circles. Some people want to keep this story going so they can make money from it. There are things that the Historical Society wouldn\'t help us with, but why? We found out they have the wrong names on some churches to throw things off.

This hole hunt is one big mess.

Some say it was dug up 20 yrs ago and the local big shots have it. I hope that when I get this CD done it will help some. My CD will save others a lot of time and is a short cut to all of the answers of the codes. We have a location we would like to have dug up but the land owners say NO.

I can tell you one thing, the locals will not help you but will take your money. They want the treasure too. I hope the info I have will help solve this hunt someday.

Finders Keepers is in need of someone who has a Ground Radar unit in the Pennsylvania and Virgina area.  Please contact us for more information if you are interested in working with us.